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The Mechanicsburg Music Alliance presents Music in the Park – a captivating evening filled with the precise formations and tremendous sounds of local marching bands competing for points and placement.   This event celebrates student talent and passion and is one of the Mechanicsburg Music Alliance’s largest fundraisers.  We invite you to join us on October 8th at 5:30 p.m. at John H. Fredrick Field in Memorial Park Stadium!  Come watch these spectacular performances and show your support of high school music and the Mechanicsburg Music Alliance.

Thank you to our sponsors for their financial support!  Interested in becoming a sponsor?  Please contact Wendi Merritts.

Yard Signs, Car Magnets, Red Riding Hood Stickers, & Music Themed Wreaths – Show your support!  These items, which are cash only, will be available at Music in the Park or by contacting Pam Wasson at pam.wasson@verizon.net .

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